Getting started

Selling a business is about more than agreeing a price. For Bridge, a successful sale is one where you achieve your objectives - for yourself, your business and your employees whilst minimising your tax liability and maintaining good terms with your buyer.


Achieving the best price

Bridge gets you the best price by finding the right buyerBridge work with you to establish a target price for your company. To set a price you need to understand your market and your buyer. Quite simply, you’ll get the best price from the buyer who has most to gain from buying your business.

To this end, Bridge carries out comprehensive research into relevant market areas. We ensure buyers have sufficient financial resources and a reason for interest before we enter into any discussion and we arrange confidentiality agreements before we open up any negotiation.

Smooth Negotiations

Bridge ensure a smooth negotiation.

Bridge maintains strict confidence when potential buyers are approached. This avoids alerting your competition to the sale and also preserves your relationship with employees, customers and suppliers.

Bridge builds a company profile to present to potential buyers. This concise and accurate overview gives buyers the ability to assess whether to proceed with the purchase. This avoids you entering into negotiations that may prove unsuccessful. It also gives a level playing field to all buyers allowing you to better compare their offers.

Simplifying the process

Bridge liaises with you and your buyer to agree Heads of Agreement. This outlines the essential terms of the deal and a timetable. By setting this up before the Sale and Purchase is negotiated Bridge significantly reduces your legal costs.

Bridge sets up a Virtual Data Room allowing a large volume of documents to be shared quickly and easily. Access is controlled with an audit trail and a record kept for due diligence and warranty purposes.  Again, this reduces costs and buyers are reassured that the process is efficient, fair and professional.

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